Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finishing Touches

Done! DONE DONE DONE! The bathroom is done!

I love our new luxurious bathroom.

My friends came back yesterday to put up the shower curtain rod, towel bar, etc., for us. And to collect their tools. But mostly to put the finishing touches on the bathroom for us. Well, actually, mostly to collect their tools. After everything was drilled into place, I hung the shower curtain and some towels. Here's a picture of us totally moved in to the bathroom:
We got a glass shelf to put up above the toilet as a place to hold some extra towels and toilet paper and such:
It goes nicely with the ceramic and chrome towel bar, towel ring, and toilet paper holder we got (and if you can tell, the hinges on the toilet seat are also chrome...fancy, huh?):
Here's another shot of our gorgeous new vanity. I was going to get rid of the makeup mirror, but Joel said you never know when you want a closeup view, so I put it back on the vanity. I also got some apothecary jars with polished chrome tops and a neato glass soap dispenser for some basic vanity toiletries:
I love the new crescent shaped curtain rod and the new shower curtain:

We changed the light on the fan/heater/light unit to a daylight compact fluorescent lightbulb to give the bathroom a less yellowy feel (oh, and to save electricity).

It's totally awesome, and done with one day to spare before the first of our houseguests comes to visit! Perfect timing!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bathroom Renovation: Fixture Choices

So here's a rundown of the rest of our fixture choices. We decided to get the matching sink faucet to the shower/tub set that we got:

Then I asked the guys to get us a sink that was similar in design to the inspiration picture I had posted earlier:

I knew that there was a Kohler and American Standard version of this sink, and frankly I didn't really care so long as it was similar. They brought a Decolav sink that looked almost exactly like the picture, so I was pretty happy.

And as for the toilet, well, I had no real opinion about the toilet except that ours was a Kohler toilet and still functional, so our old toilet went right back in. It's still being sold today and was one of the more expensive options at Home Depot:

Then there is the towel bar, the toilet paper holder, the towel ring, the shower curtain rod, and a new toilet seat. But I couldn't find pictures of what we selected online, so you'll just have to wait until we put those up to see those.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

March 26, Day 9: Vanity Mirror and All the Little Things

So today the baseboard was installed, the laundry closet doors were put in, the trim and paint were touched up, our fixtures were installed, and a lot of the little things were taken care of. And that included the vanity mirror.

Admittedly, I obsessed about the vanity mirror. The options that our bathroom guys gave us were "big glass mirror like before" or "the largest mirror they have at Home Depot." I went to Home Depot, and the largest mirror they had was 30" x 36", which to me was way too small. Joel didn't think it would be, but I was opting towards a big frameless mirror from backsplash to ceiling. I understood Joel's aversion to backsplash to ceiling frameless mirror as being "a crappy apartment mirror," but to me, the proportions of a 30" x 36" ready-made mirror to the custom 5' 8" vanity was just not right. I had told the guys "backsplash to ceiling glass mirror," but they asked me to reconsider, saying that the mirror that size would be too big. So I discussed with them today putting up a "big glass mirror" like before and then putting some molding around the mirror to make it look like a framed mirror. And here is the result:

Doesn't it look good? I love it.

A closeup of our new faucet:
Our vanity, with hardware:

And here is a view of the bathroom from the hallway:
We're not allowed to walk on the tile until Saturday (something about letting the sealant set or something), so the only pics I could get were from the hallway. I have no idea what happiness I will find in the laundry closet, but I'm hoping it will be good. They'll be back on Monday to put the finishing touches on the bathroom. But it's all coming together! Yay!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ode to the New Vanity

March 25, Day 8: Grout, Paint, & Vanity

I love our new bathroom vanity. I L-O-V-E it. I love that it's made from real wood, not MDF and a bunch of cardboard. I love the color we chose, the design, the drawer layout. I love the gorgeous piece of granite on top. I love that this is a custom made cabinet (all 5'8" of it!) that was made especially for our bathroom.

Today, the guys grouted the floor tile, painted the walls and ceiling, and installed our custom vanity, our granite countertop, and our sink (don't you love the rectangular sink?). We're nearly done. Here are some end of the day pictures:

Tomorrow, they finish up by installing everything and we'll pretty much be done. I'm hearing that our mirror might not be installed tomorrow, but other than that, tomorrow we should have a workable bathroom again!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Starting to Come Together...

March 24, Day 7: Floor Tiling

Today our friends finished up the wall tiling around the tub and applied the grout. Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous:
They then proceeded to tile the floor with the 2" octagon tile we had chosen out:
This bathroom is really beginning to come together. I believe tomorrow they grout and paint, though I'm not completely sure if that's all they are doing. But I hear everything will be done on Thursday, so I think we're towards the end of our renovation ride!

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Bathroom Renovation: Floor Tile Choices

When Joel and I originally talked about redoing the bathroom, we had gone to a tile store and tossed around the idea of using big hex tiles for the floor, something like the picture I had posted in an earlier entry:

I'm not sure of the size of the hex tiles in the pic, but to me, it looks like 3" hex tiles. We had asked our bathroom guys about putting in 4" hex tiles, and what we got from our bathroom guy was that 4" hex tiles were available, but a 4-week special order. Phooey. We're unfortunately on a deadline (I have houseguests coming in 7 days) or else I think Joel and I would have seriously considered waiting. They came back with these 2" octagon tiles as an alternative:

2" hex tiles were also available, but the ones that were readily available were unglazed, which, I don't care what anyone says, is WAY harder to keep clean. So it was between standard square tiles or 2" octagon-and-dot tiles. I was really on the fence about having THAT much grout line to worry about, but Joel's design aesthetic ruled the day and we decided on the 2" octagon tiles. Here's a sample pic of what it ought to look like when installed:
They just finished laying the tile today and will be doing the grout tomorrow. I have to say, up until this point I was very worried about our choices. Especially since one of the guys was all like, "Are you sure that's not too much white?" Now I'm very excited after seeing the tile down on the ground. It's going to look awesome.

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